We Ask Ornella Spadola Demiral, Director of Address Estate

Ornella Spadola Demiral, one of the directors of Address Estate, is our guest this week in our show HangiEv.com Asks.

HangiEv.com Asks: Ms. Ornella, you have recently opened your office in Kyrenia , according to which criteria do you choose your expanding team?

Ms. Ornella: Hello, first of all, thank you for coming. It is true that we opened our Kyrenia office recently. Our first office is already in Famagusta, it doesn't matter for the team in Kyrenia - Famagusta, we generally look for trust the most. Because we are like a family. We want the staff we hired to be permanent with us. We don't like constantly changing staff. Let those who come here be happy themselves, so we can be happy too. We are looking for experience. We are looking for a foreign language as we usually work with foreigners. If he knows the language he says he knows, we need to test him. Because as you know, the issue of trust is important now, and we also look at references.

HangiEv.com Asks: Before the real estate sector, your own tour company was serving. How has your experience in the tourism sector contributed to you in the real estate sector?

Ms. Ornella: The tourism industry has contributed a lot to me because I can actually convey the entire history of the island to the customers. The customer does not just look at the house. He also looks at the history of this island. It looks at its historical texture, looks at the connections, what kind of connections they have with their own countries. I can explain these very easily when they come. Because they don't just buy Property , there are people who will live here. They look at the history of this place, what does it matter from a touristic point of view, what does it matter in terms of education… Actually, I can explain all of these very easily. It actually had such a positive effect.

HangiEv.com Asks: You have projects that you have been involved in the construction of yourself. Can you tell us a little about them?

Miss Ornella: Yes, there are two right now. One of them has started the construction phase. The other is on the more bureaucratic part. One of them is a Project consisting of detached 3+1 houses that we built together with our partner in Mutluyaka . Whether it's a 3+1 Villa with or without a With Pool , it's detached. The other one is the project which will consist of twin houses, located in Yeniboğaziçi Salamis region. He will come soon. Currently not completed. However, with their location in the region, their proximity to the sea, and their proximity to regions such as markets, pharmacies, and restorations, these are our projects that are in an ideal position for both foreign investors and domestic investors.

HangiEv.com Asks: As in every sector, there is a need for improvement in the real estate sector as well. What topic do you think should start here first?

Ms. Ornella: I will say something that everyone has said, but we are in trouble with illegal real estate agents. Real estate agents who do not pay taxes, are not registered anywhere, do not have an agency, unfortunately we have to fight them somehow. That's our biggest problem. We have to get rid of them somehow, because we're real estate agents paying our taxes, registering all the necessary rooms. On the other hand, people who are not registered anywhere, who are students or who are only here with a residence permit, started to sell Property like real estate agents and started to rent Property . This is actually very harmful for us. Because they are stealing the jobs of the TRNC people who pay their taxes and the offices that pay their taxes. We somehow brought it to the parliament through the enactment of the law or through the Association of Realtors. Unfortunately, no solution was found. To be more careful, the tax office will fine them if necessary. We want these people to be identified and sanctioned in some way. I hope this happens soon.

HangiEv.com Asks: What are your suggestions and recommendations for those who want to be a property agent ?

Ms. Ornella: First of all, education is a must, there must be education. In order to become a member of the Association of Realtors, you must either have received training or have 5 years of experience. If you pass these criteria to become a member of the Association of Realtors, you are already a real estate agent. Just because you can sell a Property doesn't mean you're a real estate agent. Because there is a before and after. There is a follow-up to this, there is the delivery of the houses you bought during the Project phase, the furniture after the delivery, and the rental if necessary. But since many people are already indifferent under the name of real estate agents, they disappear at these stages and there is a lot of victimization. In fact, just because someone can sell a Property doesn't mean they're a realtor because it's a procedure. You sell the house to an incoming investor, but it doesn't end there. There is a follow-up of this, there is the follow-up of the payments, there are the legal regulations, there is the recording of the contracts… We are in this whole stage. In addition, we are at the delivery stage of the houses that have not been delivered yet. In fact, we are also available after delivery. Because there are those who want to rent, there are those who want to get a residence permit… We are with them throughout this whole process, but many illegal real estate agents just sell and take their money and actually leave the island. For this reason, many victims can be experienced and even many people are defrauded. That's why, in fact, wet burns next to dry. In order to avoid such things, education and registration are important for me, actually for everyone, for all real estate agents.

HangiEv.com Asks: Thank you for your time.

Ms. Ornella: On behalf of Address Estate, we would like to thank you. You can also access all our portfolios via Which Hangi Ev .