We Ask Re/Max Plus 2 Executive Assistant Aleyna Bolat

HangiEv.com Asks: This week's guest of HangiEv.com Asks is Re/max Plus 2 Executive Assistant Aleyna Bolat. Ms. Aleyna, how did you start your company and how did it come to today?

Ms. Aleyna: First of all, welcome again. Our company, which has been operating with the understanding of added value and perfect service in real estate since 2013, has been continuing its successful journey in the sector under the name Re/max Plus since 2020. We focus on making a difference in the industry with the quality service and expertise we offer to our customers.

HangiEv.com Asks: Can you tell us a little about the services you offer to your customers?

Ms. Aleyna: By providing complete service in real estate, we specialize in the fields of purchase, sale, rental, transfer and expertise, and we also produce solutions with special architectural projects by prioritizing customer satisfaction. We are determined to maintain our leadership in the industry.

HangiEv.com Asks: Your team is crowded and dynamic. How did you create your team?

Ms. Aleyna: We always selected Property Agent according to certain criteria. We provided basic training to consultants who we believe will not disrupt the energy and harmony of our office. We parted ways with consultants who did not approach us with this attitude. In addition, without worrying about turnover, we include not only those who know the job but also those who do not know the sector and provide the necessary training.

HangiEv.com Asks: Can you tell us a little about your portfolios?

Ms. Aleyna: Of course, we are a Project oriented office. We can produce projects suitable for all budgets and reach every customer base. We have projects and portfolios all over Turkey and North Cyprus.

HangiEv.com Asks: What do you think about the growing real estate sector and demand increases in Northern North Cyprus? What do you think awaits the industry in the future?"

Ms. Aleyna: North Cyprus is known as a peaceful island with the lowest crime rate in the world. Its standards and quality are constantly increasing, which causes the demand to rise day by day. In addition, the fact that it is in the top 5 among livable countries according to Forbes magazine further increases the attractiveness and potential of the island.

HangiEv.com Asks: Why Re/max Plus 2 for your customers?

Ms. Aleyna: Remax Plus, as an international company, is the pioneer of trust and quality service in Northern North Cyprus. We further strengthen our leadership in the industry with our international experience and determination to offer customers a unique real estate experience.

HangiEv.com Asks: Thank you for your time.

Ms. Aleyna: Thank you for coming. If you would like to access our Re/Max Plus 2 listings, you can contact us via HangiEv.com .