Real Estate Video Marketing Service

Real estate promotional videos are one of the best ways to market a home in the real estate industry.

As a real estate consultant, you can now easily benefit from our video promotion service for the houses you market in order to position your brand well and increase your sales.

As HangiEv.com, we are preparing professional real estate promotion videos. We offer these only to Kariyer.com members at affordable prices.

We use professional machines and anti-vibration equipment for video shooting.

We also do aerial drone footage of the house as part of our video promotion service.

You can watch a few sample promotional videos we prepared below:

One Video Shooting Prices

Property Type Member Prices
Apartment £100 £50
Villa £140 £70
Villa (£500,000+) £200 £100

Package Video Shooting Prices

5 Pack £350
10 Pack £630
15 Pack £840

Our prices include 10% VAT.

Properties priced above £1,000,000 will be quoted seperately.

  • It includes a 2-3 minute video introduction of the house inside and outside, including an aerial drone.
  • Drone photos will also be given to you.
  • The shooting right can be used for the apartment or the villa.
  • Two drawing rights are deemed to have been used for properties with a total closed area of more than 300 m² or a selling price of more than £500,000.