Virtual Tour Service Includes photo, video and drone footage as well

We shoot and prepare virtual tours using 360-degree special cameras and we process these to create a interactive virtual tour that makes visitors feel as if they are in the property themselves.

Properties with virtual tours sell faster. Potential buyers will spend more time on your listing and you get more leads.

Our virtual tour service starts from only £150. In addition to an interactive virtual tour we will also deliver wide-angle photos of the property, drone shots from air and also a promotional video - all included in the price.

Sample Villa Virtual Tour

We prepare and deliver a property promotional video by flying through the virtual tour of the villa, included in the price.

We will also deliver a minimum of 15 wide-andle photographs included in the price. See sample photos.

How We Shoot 360° Virtual Tours?

Virtual tours are shot using a 360-degree cameras. The 360-degree panomaric photos are then processed using a special sofware and rooms are connected. We can say that processing these photos requires technical skills and is time consuming.

There are various methods of creating a virtual tour. HangiEv.com staff have evaluated the most popular five methods and are ready to offer the best quality virtual tours to the North Cyprus property market.

Virtual Tour Shooting Prices

Pack Virtual Tour Photos Video Drone Member Prices
One Shoot £200 £150
5 Pack £540
10 Pack £960

Properties priced above £1,000,000 will be quoted seperately.

Our prices include 10% VAT.

  • The shooting right can be used for the apartment or the villa.
  • Two drawing rights are deemed to have been used for properties with a total closed area of more than 300 m² or a selling price of more than £500,000.

Important Note:
The virtual tour hosting period is 1 year after the virtual tour is published.
After 1 year, the virtual tour is automatically deactivated by the Matterport hosting service we use.
You can extend your virtual tour hosting by paying £30 per year.

What is 360° Virtual Tours?

The virtual tour is a visual application that allows the interactive 3D presentation of panoramic photographs that makes visitors feel as if they are in the property themselves.

Virtual tours are getting more and more popular and will be come widespread in real estate industry in coming years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual tour shooting takes 1-2 hours, and it is then prepared and delivered to you within 24 hours. You can share the web address given to you as you wish (Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.)

The tour is automatically published on your listing page on HangiEv.com and automatically increases the Hangi Ev score of the listing. A small sized Hangi Ev logo will be put in every room in virtual tours.

The property should be cleaned and be ready before shooting. Please make an appointment a few days in advance for shooting.