We Ask Sunstone Realty Director Ebru Emiroğlu

HangiEv.com The guest of our program this week is Ebru Emiroğlu, the director of Sunstone Realty.

HangiEv.com : Ms. Ebru, how did you get started in the sector? How many years have you been in the industry?

Ms. Ebru: Hello, I started the industry about 7 years ago as a Property Agent in a corporate firm. We started to work on real estate with the company I mentioned, and later on, 'Why not?' I started the sector as Real Estate Consultancy.

HangiEv.com : You opened your own agency recently, what are your plans under the name of Sunstone Realty?

Ms. Ebru: Sunstone Realty, we are not only dealing with the real estate sector in buying and selling, but we stand out with the Projects and products we produce both through us and our customers. It was opened with the aim of being an innovative, personalized service, trust and customer satisfaction.

HangiEv.com : As a real estate agent, there have been times when you were looking for a Property for yourself. What kind of experience did you have in the customer position in the sector?

Ms. Ebru: In the sector, I think one of the biggest problems that customers experience is that the customer has more information than a real estate consultant. We are trying to open it. I have experienced this a lot during my service as a customer because you need to be able to provide the information and support that the customer wants from you. That's why we, as a company, work with a professional team that specializes in its field and receives the necessary training.

HangiEv.com : What do you pay attention to when buying your portfolios?

Ms. Ebru: Of course, when buying our portfolios, first of all, price, location and portfolio status are very important to us. We pay attention to the real prices of the market and the quality and condition of the product to appeal to our customers.

HangiEv.com : What do you think about the increasing inflation and its effects?

Ms. Ebru: The increasing inflation has affected our local market, but it has brought an inviting situation for our foreign investors. The trend towards luxury housing, which is interesting right now, has increased even more. Because for any investor coming from abroad, our real estate prices here are really funny and the returns are quite good.

HangiEv.com : What are your general views on the real estate market? There are problems experienced by both real estate agents and customers. How do you think arrangements can be made?

Ms. Ebru: Absolutely, the real estate law must be passed. Everyone knows that the system does not work where there is no order and rule. Our laws must be passed in order for the respect you show to our business and the respect of our customers around us. It is necessary to determine who is doing the real estate profession. I think that only in this way can we reap the rewards of the investments we make for our own business. I believe that our customers can only receive good service in this way.

HangiEv.com : Thank you for your time.

Ms. Ebru: We thank you. As Sunstone Realty, you can reach all our portfolios on HangiEv.com.