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Leyla Angı
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Fisun Can
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About Real North Hills

Real North Hills has been serving all over Cyprus from Famagusta with its professional team in order to provide the best service to its customers who are looking for properties for sale in North Cyprus. Real North Hills real estate agency offers a wide portfolio of real estate for sale in order to assist its customers in their search for a Northern Cyprus house for sale, which they are considering for investment or personal use, and to offer the right and affordable property.

In addition to North Cyprus houses for sale, Real North Hills approaches its customers' demands for North Cyprus apartments for rent with the same professionalism. Finding suitable for every budget among the rental houses in Cyprus, carrying out the whole process on behalf of the customers and adopting customer satisfaction as an indispensable priority are some of the missions of Real North Hills investment consultants. In this context, real estate consultants provide services both in Turkish and English.

Real North Hills, aiming to meet the expectations of Northern Cyprus villas for sale, meets all commercial and individual North Cyprus real estate for sale demands with its professional team and corporate principles. Real North Hills provides detailed consultancy to its customers on all houses, apartments, villas, lands and other real estates for sale and rent, either face-to-face in their offices in Famagusta or via message, mail or telephone.

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