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For Sale: Kyrenia Karaoğlanoğlu 2+1 Apartment

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Ertuğ Fikri Terkan

Alp Yılmaz

Ertuğ Fikri Terkan - EFT Real Estate property agent

KG Investment Ltd.

Ünal Taşkaya

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Ünal Taşkaya - KG Investment Ltd. property agent
Can Levendoğlu - KG Investment Ltd. property agent

Properties For Sale in Kyrenia Karaoglanoglu

See 35 new properties for sale in Kyrenia Karaoglanoglu, North Cyprus added in the last 30 days. There are 134 apartments for sale, 66 villas for sale, 6 penthouses for sale, 3 semi detached houses for sale, 2 detached houses for sale and 1 complete buildings for sale properties, totaling 212 properties for sale in Kyrenia Karaoglanoglu. You can easily contact the estate agents in Kyrenia Karaoglanoglu for the properties you like. Find properties in Kyrenia Karaoglanoglu by owner for sale, North Cyprus. Use filtering on Kyrenia Karaoglanoglu property search results to easily filter properties like villas with a pool or houses with a garden.

Property For Sale Prices in Kyrenia Karaoglanoglu

Here are the average property for sale prices in Kyrenia Karaoglanoglu, North Cyprus:

  • 1 bedroom apartment £85,800
  • 2 bedroom apartment £128,900
  • 3 bedroom semi detached house £163,500
  • 3+ bedroom villa £476,000
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