Yasin Kurt from Kurtsan Group answers

This week's guest in our show on HangiEv.com asks is Yasin Kurt, one of the Kurtsan Group directors.

HangiEv.com asks: Mr. Yasin, what are the changes you have experienced in the process since the establishment of your company?

Yasin Bey: It is a family company founded in 1989 by my fathers and uncles. Previously, we used to continue in the form of public tenders, for many years we built hospitals, schools, mosques for the state. In the last 4 years, we decided to turn to build and sell due to this foreign exchange-based activity. We have allocated ninety percent of our energy to the build and sell sector, and we are allocating ten percent to government tenders at the moment. But, as I said, I can say that our intensity has now shifted from government tenders to the build and sell sector.

HangiEv.com asks: What are your ongoing projects as Kurtsan Group and do you have any new projects that you plan to do?

Yasin Bey: Currently, we have approximately 4 projects in the Iskele region, which continues as Kurtsan Group, and in the Famagusta region, they are still ongoing. We also have a site project in the Tuzla region, which we will just start. We will start it as well, at the moment the Project is ready, since there will be minor adjustments, there are minor roughnesses, and we will probably start them in the next 2023 year. Our ongoing projects are currently in the Longbeach area in the Pierde region, our Villa project, which we named Independent Life, a beautiful duplex three-storey Project , and we received very good feedback from our customers and other business partners we work with. It was a good Project for us, the tendency of people to lead a detached life after the pandemic really pleased us in terms of sales. It is still going on at the moment, its sales are about to end, our other 2 projects are again in Longbeach, a Project of 2 apartments and approximately 50 residences, we have received good requests for their sales, so these are our ongoing projects. In addition, a project in the form of a boutique apartment in Famagusta continues. Hopefully, we will finish and deliver all of them with the flow of our faces. Besides, as I said again, there is a Project of approximately 100 residences in Tuzla , and we will hopefully lay the foundation for it in 2023.

HangiEv.com asks: Mr. Yasin, what features do you pay attention to in the lands you find while making your constructions?

Yasin Bey: Proximity to the sea is important to us, the calmness of the region is very important. Every person wants to raise their children in a safe environment, it is very important for us that the region is reliable. Again, as I said, people have a really high demand for the sea, proximity to the sea, in line with the sea. Of course, price and performance are also very important. In other words, you only do a Project close to the sea at work, but since the cost of the Land is very high, the sales prices of the Project will also have to be high. This is another problem that can give you a hard time selling. In short, our primary goal is to build the best project on the most beautiful land.

HangiEv.com asks: What are the elements that you pay attention to while creating your projects and during the implementation phase?

Mr. Yasin: Our primary goal is to make the right project on the right Land , according to the suitability of our projects. In other words, there is a region where there is a Villa or a region where you can build an apartment. First of all, these are very important to us, so we research in detail which project we will do where, and start our projects accordingly. The most important thing for us is quality. In other words, the method of using cheap materials to reduce the cost or to reduce the quality is completely wrong. We do not accept this, we try to make better quality higher quality the best best quality for the most suitable. Because as a result, we give people a living space and in these living spaces, people will establish a life with their families. Not 5 years 10 years, people will live in these houses for 50 years and 100 years. We see the life of reinforced concrete as 100 years, and these people will not only live here, but also their children in the future. That's why we are trying to think long-term, that is, to build houses where they can live for 50 years and 100 years, and that's why we try to keep the quality at the highest level. Our primary goal is to earn people while making money. These two are very important to us, so first people, then money.

HangiEv.com asks: Mr. Yasin, what would you like to say about your customer portfolio?

Yasin Bey: It was mostly based abroad, but these days we also have demands from the local people. So there are some really good returns. It is only the activity in this currency that makes our people think. Maybe if the dynamism in this foreign currency relaxes, I believe that we will be able to sell eighty percent of our projects to the local people. Besides, of course, many investors came from Turkey recently, and there were good investments in the region. In other words, from Turkey, as well as citizens of 3rd world countries, England or Canada, Russia and Kazakhstan… Because of our warm seas and beaches in the region, people have a really good demand, so when their projects are good, the truth of the matter is local or foreign. In other words, as long as the Project is good, local and foreign people do not notice anything as a result. In other words, everyone is human and everyone here wants to invest first for themselves and then for their future, that is, for their children. First of all, we also gain people by giving people a living space, we gain friends, we gain friends. This is the most valuable thing for us.

HangiEv.com asks: Mr. Yasin We are pleased for your membership in our HangiEv.com family. What do you think about the services we offer you?

Yasin Bey: We are very happy to work with HangiEv.com and thanks to our friends, they help us in every way possible. When we call, they answer, they do not hurt us in line with our demands. Thanks to them, I would like to say that they are connecting us with 360 virtual tours and drone shootings, that is, these services offered by HangiEv.com. Let's say we have a very good business partnership in Which Hangi Ev. We are working well, everything is going well. I hope this partnership will last for many years.

HangiEv.com asks: Thank you very much for your time.

Yasin Bey: I thank you very much, thank you very much for such a nice time and for coming here as you value us. In addition, all of our customers and everyone who is considering investing can HangiEv.com our projects under the name of Kurtsan Group from Kariyer.com, and I invite everyone who is thinking of investing in North Cyprus to search for the house you are looking for on HangiEv.com.