We Ask Ardıl Sarıoğlu, One of the Directors of Winas Estate

HangiEv.com Asks: HangiEv.com Asks This week's guest of our program is Ardıl Sarıoğlu, one of the Directors of Winas Estate. Could you tell us a little about the services you offer to your customers as Ardıl Hanım Winas Estate?

Ms. Ardıl: Hello, first of all, welcome. Actually, I would like to introduce ourselves a little bit. I am Ardıl Sarıoğlu. I am the owner of Winas Estate and Investment Consultancy firm. We opened this company with my wife. Our family has been in the construction industry for 20 years and has been building since 2003. I am a tourism graduate. We opened our boutique hotel in the market centre. We have been serving in this sector for approximately 7 years. In addition, we have a boat tour company and transfer services. I have felt integrated with this job for years, but I have never been able to get into it. I have always been involved in tourism. The combination of them and construction has been great and I really enjoy this job. I believe that I found this consultancy service because I help our customers, that is, like buying a Property for myself, so let me tell you that I do this job even in my dreams at night. You know, all the remaining work has stopped now and I am completely focused on this work. I love my job very much. I think I can make you feel that people are really satisfied. You know, the fact that we are in the hotel business is a bit like that, and I realized that I was doing everything just by clicking, knocking, knocking, without even knowing it. We currently provide our own accommodation to our customers, we carry out their transfers, we have legal counsel in our own consultancy company, we have our own social media, and I think we are doing a really good job with all of these. We are a very good team. Among themselves, the friends really care about each other and try to do business well. They work day and night, which is very nice. Because we are doing a really important job. In other words, we are giving people something that they have perhaps been saving for years, something they have dreamed of for years, and therefore we are in a place where we cannot afford to make mistakes. We are taking law courses about this to improve ourselves. Because this is a very important thing, answering every question correctly and not victimizing them, I think these are the most important things. In other words, we are constantly improving ourselves in these areas, every day. Every sale is a different story. We are a solution-oriented, very strong team. It is really important to ensure fairness between the buyer and the seller. Many problems may arise. We work hard and do as much as we can to solve these problems. You know, we work hard to solve these problems that will never be solved, and these are actually finished. You know, we can restart a broken job. Our absolute priority is our happy customers. So the most important thing for us is that they leave us happy. Because our happiness increases exponentially.

HangiEv.com Asks: You have a large team, what do you pay attention to when creating your team?

Ms. Ardıl: I definitely trust my instincts when creating my team. Because every time I did the opposite, I took the measure of my height. Therefore, at that moment, if I had a feeling that it would not be possible with a Property Agent friend who came to meet me, I should definitely not hire that friend. Because we lived it, we saw it, we experienced it in a short time recently. I have proven to myself that I should not do the opposite, so I definitely act with my instincts. My wife and I both do this. In this way, I really think we made the right choice. I recommend this to everyone. Because your instincts are never wrong. You know, even after 10 years, you'll say, 'No, this is not human.' If there is an instinct, it can happen in every field, not just real estate, something will come up and you will say you felt it. That's why it's good to listen to your instincts. Each of our teammates is very important to us. We are a really strong family. We gather even at night, we really are like a family. We are stuck together. It really is a very special feeling, I believe that we carry this family feeling into our work. I'm glad they exist...

HangiEv.com Asks: What are your views on the progress of the real estate market in Northern North Cyprus in the near future?

Ms. Ardıl: I think that the Turkish Republic of Northern North Cyprus is currently experiencing its golden age. It hasn't peaked yet and we're definitely not too late now. And prices are increasing day by day. Again, our prices are very affordable compared to Southern North Cyprus. There are incredibly beautiful Projects and they are all really in the concept of a five-star Hotel . There are even better ones. Moreover, rental returns will be very high and daily rents will be available. I know Projects that can pay for themselves in six years. It's time to invest, it's not too late, I say again. It is rising every day. It is rising both in terms of foreign currency because the supply and demand is so high, we have investors from every country. Since there is so much supply and demand, both the foreign currency will rise and the exchange rate is already on the rise. We are win-win, that is, we win from everywhere. It's like you bought a Property abroad, but you're still with the Turks. You do not have any foreign language problems. You earn foreign currency. I definitely recommend you to buy it. You will win anyway, you can start small, you will see. Between the last 6 months and 12 months, they provided our own investors with a profit of 25%-30%, some 50%. Likewise, we made a lot of profit for our investors who sold their houses by making them buy Property from other projects. Everyone is winning right now, everyone is really winning in North Cyprus.

HangiEv.com Asks: What are the advantages of investing in Northern North Cyprus?

Ardıl Hanım: There are many advantages to investing in Northern North Cyprus. First of all, its nature and weather, of course. It's a very cheerful, happy island. I am a North Cyprus citizen, I am a Cypriot. I was born here and grew up here. We are really self-confident, we are cheerful people, we always support each other. People who invest here will also see this. They're already getting that vibe. When they come, they don't go on holiday without buying a Property , that's the situation right now. You know, they say let me come and look at it, but they say no, I'll miss it, and they buy it immediately. Apart from that, education. People whose education is very good are like they were abroad. They learn their language with an accent. Since we lived in a British colony, we were completely under British laws and British culture for years. That's why we reflect that too. This is also an added advantage. Apart from this, of course, there are those who choose gambling. There is gambling tourism. What is most important for investors is that it is currency protected. So, after all, everything on our island, from electricity to electricity, is based on foreign currency. So their money never loses value, so it definitely has a lot of advantages. I recommend everyone to invest here.

HangiEv.com Asks: You have also operated in the construction field before. Will we see you again in a project in this field in the future?

Ms. Ardıl: I say surprise. Frankly, I want it very much. My wife, there are so many Projects , all with a Hotel concept. He asks how can we get among them, he is intimidated because they are all like five star Hotels . There are many beautiful Projects . But I still say that she is a woman's woman, I think I will impress her.

HangiEv.com Asks: Thank you for your time.

Ms. Ardıl: It was a very enjoyable conversation. If you would like to get information about Winas Estate or see our portfolios, you can contact us at Hangi Ev. Thank you , Which Hangi Ev.