HangiEv.com Students (Nicosia)

HangiEv.com : Is the Property you are staying in a dormitory, rent or your own house?

Student 1-2: Rent

Student 3: I am renting.

Student 4: I'm living in a rental apartment. (I live in a For Rent flat.)

Student 5: I am in dormitory this year. I have rented before.

Student 6: I'm on rent.

Student 7-8: We are staying in the dormitory.

HangiEv.com : How much rent do you pay?

Student 1-2: 4000TL

Student 3: 3500TL

Student 4: I think it covers it for 10 months, we pay 55,000 TL for 1 year at work.

Student 5: 200 USD

Student 6 : GBP 150 per month

HangiEv.com : Are you happy in the rental/dormitory?

Student 1-2 : We are not, not at all.

Student 3: So it counts.

Student 4: Yes, I'm okay there. (Yes, I am good.)

Student 5: So there are advantages and disadvantages. But I'm a student and since we can't find time for classes, this is cleaning, water/electricity charging. Also, my breakfast and dinner are at the dormitory. That's why I'm happy for now.

Student 6-7: Electricity bills come in Euros, that's a problem. It would be nice if it wasn't for him. Other than that it's going pretty well. I already live in apartments. It's like a 3+1 Property now. It's going pretty well.

Student 8: I am happy, there is no problem.

HangiEv.com : Did you find it difficult to find a Property ?

Student 1-2: It's soooo... We had a hard time, it was too hard. In fact, we were homeless for months. Yes, we were homeless for quite some time.

Student 3: I had a hard time finding a Property . Even I live alone. Although I live alone, I am living in a 2+1 Property now because I could not find a house. So when I could live in 1+1 or 1+0, I am now in 2+1.

Student 4: Yes, a lot. For International students especially the landlords, I don't know if its take advantage or is it just like that, but they ask for 6 months' rent upfront, the deposit and the commission. So its like 8 months ago. So you have to multiply the rent times 8 and pay it upfront to get a house. So it was really a hussle. (Yes, a lot. Especially for international students, I don't know if the Property use us or are they always like this here, but they want 6 months deposit and commission in advance and together. So this is 8 months' rent at once. You have to multiply the rent by eight to buy a Property and pay that amount. needed to own a Property . So that was a big challenge.)

Student 5: I had a hard time.

Student 6-7: No school's own, to find that they are the frequency.

Student 8: I was forced, yes.

HangiEv.com : What do you think about the TRNC Real Estate Market?

Student 1-2: Disgrace. Real estate agents and Property alike are malicious. Yeah, so they're not helping, they're not helping. They even cause problems, yes.

Student 3: So I don't know, I mean totally whistle the student, I don't know, I think that's their purpose.

Student 4: I think they should consider students as much as, maybe paying upfront, commission and 6 moths rent. Maybe its the standard here I'm not sure. But for students, I think they should be more lenient because we are not working and we don't have a salary. But we depend on our parents, so they should be more lenient and maybe do a month, you don't have to pay so many months upfront to get a house here. (I think they should think more about students, maybe 6 months in advance + 1 deposit + 1 commission, I don't know if it is normal here. But I think they should be a little more warm / flexible because we are students, we do not work, we do not have a salary and we are dependent on our families. Therefore, they should be more flexible, maybe a monthly payment or not paying so many bears together.)

Student 5: I think this is a student island. There are too many universities, too many students, and this is a developing island with students. I don't know, it might be a little more appropriate or student friendly. But unfortunately there is no way and I'm sorry, but real estate agents seem to be taking too much commission to me.

Student 6: There is a shortage in the supply of Property , so the number of Property is few. That is why it is very difficult to find in some periods.

HangiEv.com : What are the problems you experience in the real estate market? Would you like to tell us if you have a memory?

Student 1-2: We were staying in the Akdeniz site, by the way, never choose the Akdeniz site, carrion. Anyway, our contract expired and they increased the rent to us almost 2-3 times. We said we're going out. But they informed us about this 2 weeks ago. So it wasn't a very long time, nor was the process he informed us about. We said we couldn't find a Property , we were homeless. He said that you can leave your belongings there with us and stay until you find a Property . We said that we can't find it right away. He said it's okay, we don't use the top anyway. We said okay, we put all our stuff upstairs, but everything from the pot to the pajamas. We could only buy 2-3 bags, we threw away everything else, it's not within our knowledge. And he never paid us our deposit. He did not give our deposit, but our house, for example, was clean. He came and looked, there was no problem. Despite this, he sent us a deposit of 60 TL. There are also some Property who say that your rent should be 6000-7000TL but write 1000TL in the contract. Why is it because it pays less tax to the state.

For example, we were staying in Haspolat for a while, we moved to Haspolat because we could not find a Property at that time. Of course, we were in Turkey at that time, we could not find the house. The man told us that the school is in a central location, no more than 10 minutes on foot. We went home once, friends, you can't reach school in 10 minutes even by running. It only took like eight minutes by car. And it was a rotten place, the place we stayed only smelled of sewage, we were swimming in the sewage water. Birds, dog poop, everything is filthy, garbage is everywhere. Well, a friend of ours came to stay with us on New Year's Eve, when one of our girlfriends saw that he was staying at home, he said to us, no one can stay in this house but you. We said that you cannot interfere in our house. He said I'm calling the police, I said call. Nobody could come home at this hour. You can't interfere in my house, you go do your own thing, you can't interfere in my house. And he threatened us, he claimed that I will call the police, I will have you kicked out of this house, you will not be able to stay in this house. By the way, our house got moldy, mold had grown up to our clothes, and it wasn't dyed either. We traveled only sick for 3-4 months. He did nothing.

We had such a problem, our Property came to live, so to speak, they said (by the way, our contract is for 1 year and will expire in April, they came a month or two ago) and they said that we cannot make a living in financial difficulties. Let's change your contract, let's raise another 1000 TL. We accepted this, do not be well-intentioned because we have good intentions. We because we had a lot of trouble with the Property , we were homeless for a long time and our Property were very good 'in the process' and helped us a lot in everything. We said that we don't need to be disgraceful for 1000 TL anyway, if we leave now, we are not in the mood to move. We said it's okay because we can't find a Property for less than 8000TL, it was 4000 it would be 5000, we said ok. But in the next period, they disgraced us for 600 TL, they put us in a disgraceful situation. If they had changed that contract and showed it as 2000TL, I would never have paid more than 2000TL. They didn't change. Let's show it as 2000TL, let's not pay more tax to the state, but you pay 5000TL. We were okay with that, but they didn't change it.

Student 3: I stayed in a house in Hamitkoy, where my house was flooded. So it was actually a problem with me. So something happened because of me, but my Property didn't help me, he had to come. I don't know how I'm going to close the valve, it was supposed to show something. But do you know what he did, I empty the water with a bucket at home like this, my friends and all the neighbors are helping, he came and said to me, 'You will also wipe these stairs, it is very dirty.' I said, of course, I will delete it bro, so this is my duty. Tell me if there's anything else, I'll do the gardening or something. I experienced something like that. When I rent a Property now, I throw it away, it was 2300TL then my rent. Before the summer term, the realtor came to me and said that we will make your rent at 3500. I said ok, so there is nothing to do, but the contract also says something, 10% interest can be made, nothing more can be done. Then when I went to the real estate agent, he said something to me, but it wasn't in TL, we said it in euro. In other words, the contract does not write euro, or it does not write sterling, he came to me and said, we calculated this in sterling, in euros. Anyway, when we calculate it again, it doesn't come out, by the way, we talked again after that, life conditions, expensiveness, he said that's it, he increased the price to 3500. Then I went to Turkey and came to me, this time he said to me, 'Oh, life has become more expensive, Emine, can you believe it? We will make your rent 6000 TL. And I said, how could it be? You told me 3500 and that's why I didn't look for a Property . So, if you pay 6,000 my rent, I will have to leave this house and I will not have a house. After that, it told me something, there is no cost of living, here all the Properties have increased. I said that if all the Properties were 1000TL, would you lower the rent to 1000TL then? So he said something like now you have to look at him then. Anyway, just saying that, they said OK to 3500 on the condition/condition that I pay in advance, at the price they promised. If I could not pay in advance, that is, if I had paid the monthly or six-month rent, I would have paid 6000 TL.

Student 4: For me, it's just finding a house that will accept maybe 2 months prior. Because all of them are like 6 months or 12 months. And they stand about that, you can't bargain. 6 months, 12 months, take it or leave it. That was the main issue.

Student 5: When I called this dormitory, they told me a different price in the summer, they said 68,000 TL. Then I called again from different numbers at regular intervals. They always give me a price of 68.000 TL at work, and frankly, yes, it was advantageous, there was food in it, but unfortunately 68.000TL is not a money to be given in this economy. Then I told my father, you know, I said, Dad, you find it this year. My father called and talked to the same dormitory and they said 55,000 to my father. They even said 58,000, my father closed it to 55,000. So thank you so much for being our voice. Apart from that, I hope that the Property and those working in the real estate sector will be a little more conscientious and can act with that awareness, knowing that their own children will also be students.

Student 6: There is a problem when we are settling here, we spend a lot of money right now. Compared to Turkey, this place has a very high budget. It was really a problem when setting up the house. I did not see any other problem with the budget issue.

Student 7: Now it depends on the Property . If it is a good Property , there is no problem, but when it comes to bad, they do not give a deposit, it can really make you suffer.