We Ask NorthernLAND CEO Taruz Güçlüer

HangiEv.com Asks: HangiEv.com Asks This week's guest of our program is NorthernLand Construction CEO Taruz Güçlüer. Mr. Taruz, you are one of the most prestigious Construction Firms of the island, operating for 20 years. Can you tell us a little bit about how you gained and maintained this prestige as NorthernLand?

Mr. Taruz: Of course… Just like me, 20 years has been a long time for our company. Our company was founded in 2003 by Koral Bozkurt. A lot of things have changed in the construction industry in the world since then. There are many factors to be successful in the project, it is not possible with just one, there are many factors. The important thing is to bring all these factors together, to coordinate them correctly, to establish the right team, to train the team… These are really important. When I look at our company, I see that we are doing it the right way. As I said, there are many factors for the success of a project. Its location is very important, its accessibility is very important, it is very important to reach the country's infrastructures, historical regions and natural beauties. In terms of architecture, which we are really assertive about, you need to produce pioneering projects. You have to evaluate them separately, both in appearance and in function. Construction quality, construction material quality is very important. Here, as I always say, our quality is really our motto, it is our company's motto for a quality life. That's why we really attach great importance to the quality we use here, to the quality of workmanship. You should be able to use these technological developments as technology is developing. These are very important, beyond that, it is necessary to produce a concept Project while producing in this project. In other words, we need to produce with a vision, which I think is one of our most important achievements.

HangiEv.com Asks: Can you tell us a little bit about your new project, Case del Mare?

Mr. Taruz : Case Del Mare is really our new apple of the eye. in Esentepe. There are two regions on our island that are popular in our opinion, both as a tourism center and in Property sales. The first is the Long Beach Region, and the second is the Esentepe Region and its vicinity. That's why we chose Esentepe for our Case Del Mare project. Very good location, right by the sea, great view. There are mountains, sea, green, and very, very beautiful places. From studios to 4+1, 5+1 duplex villas within a Project of 1006 residences, we have created a Project that will appeal to all budgets, all with Infinity With Pool , with a really luxurious design. Now that there are 1006 Property , we have to expand our customer profiles for such Projects . We want to do big Projects . We love them, when you create a big Project, you create many facilities in our country, both as a contribution to the tourism sector and as a contribution to our own project. We are applying the Pera Loung and Bar concept that we made to the Long Beach project there as well. We have Pera there, plus we have a lot of sports facilities. From paddle tennis to the multi-purpose gym, to hiking trails, there are walking tracks in nature, next to Pera, on the English Pub Cafe-style main road, we also have an area where people can come and spend a different time. We have a lot of green areas, there are as many pools as the world, half of the project is already integrated with the pool. It's a seaside Project anyway, at the bottom of the sea. It is a Project that we are really proud of with its architecture, appearance, concept, use, standards we have presented, and the overall concept of the project. The Project phase is really difficult, but I can say that we have really reaped the fruits of this in pre-launch and launch when we go on sale.

HangiEv.com Asks: You broke a sales record in your Casa del Mare project in a few hours, just as all sales were completed in a very short time in your Grand Sapphire project, together with the 4th Stage of Grand Sapphire, to what do you owe this success?

Mr. Taruz: I wouldn't say that we didn't expect it in October, November, and December in our previous project, but it achieved a sales chart above our expectations. We are very happy that our Case del Mare project has come out with a demand that is even higher than this pleasing sales chart. Because, at the prices we have targeted, we have achieved a sales chart far above our target. As I just mentioned, there are many factors for a project to be successful. That's why, as I said, we have ensured the architectural appearance of the project, the concept of the project, the materials we will use in it, the location, accessibility, as well as trust and honesty. I think we achieved this success thanks to the importance this company places on honesty. I would like to thank all my teammates for their hard work.

HangiEv.com Asks: You have many projects in Iskele and Famagusta that have your signature recently in Kyrenia. What were the reasons that pushed you to move to Kyrenia for your new projects, Casa del Mare, Emerald Villas and NorthernLand Villas?

Mr. Taruz: The location we took with us when we set off. While evaluating this location, its accessibility, the fact that the Esentepe region is intertwined with its natural beauties, that it offers the beauties of our country, its proximity to the historical beauties of our country, its natural beauties, its infrastructures such as entertainment, restaurants, transportation, and its proximity to transportation… All of these are factors, we considered them. Because in fact, these projects are a bit of a buy-to-let project as a concept. What does a buy-to-let project actually mean, a tourism project? In other words, with the projects we do, we aim to contribute to the development of our country's tourism sector and tourism and to increase the bed capacity of our country. In other words, this is among our goals, because the concept of the projects we actually do includes Tourism, there is a Hotel , there is a restaurant, there is a bar, there is a cafe… These are investments for foreigners. Projects that will bring more tourists to our country and develop our country's economy through tourism. Because, yes, the construction sector is a very important sector, but the most important sector in our country is the tourism sector. We want to contribute to this. Projects that will contribute to the development of the tourism sector, with each Property looking forward to the future. That's why Esentepe.

HangiEv.com Asks: What do you think is the contribution of the developing real estate sector to the TRNC and what kind of developments should we expect in the next five years?

Mr. Taruz: While we are preparing these projects, we are preparing them as Buy-to-let projects. What is a buy-to-let? People buy a Property , but when they buy these houses, there are those who buy them as second Property , there are areas as holiday homes, and there are areas for renting such as Hotel rooms in the future. Now the new name of tourism is buy-to-let in the world. Of course, 5 star hotels are needed. In this case, you need to create a Project with a lower budget, more useful, more economical, but offering the same services in the same facility. The real estate sector is actually a sector that will contribute to tourism, which is one of the most important sectors of our country, and it should be evaluated as such. Housing sold to foreigners should actually be evaluated as bed capacity. What do we expect in the next 5 years? For the next 5 years, we have produced such Projects in demand in our country, then we have increased such added value, then we foresee that the Turkish Republic of Northern North Cyprus , our country, our regions, here is Long Beach, Esertepe, other regions that have not yet come to light, this demand will continue. We foresee that the real estate sector will develop in parallel with the tourism sector.

HangiEv.com Asks: You have a NorthernLand Villas Catalkoy project, which is under construction in Catalkoy, Kyrenia . Can we get some information about him?

Mr. Taruz: Our project in Catalkoy consists of 26 truly luxurious Villa. There is a very beautiful location right by the sea, a great location on the sea. Moreover, it is in Kyrenia, but in a place that does not get caught up in the traffic of Kyrenia. The view, proximity to the sea, being in front of the sea are also different… While choosing this project, we produced it for a different customer profile. The reason for this is that the land is very expensive and the Villas we produce are super luxury Villas. The materials we will use in it are the highest quality materials at world standards, the most expensive materials. In addition, everything from central heating, which is included in the price, to smart Property systems, from jacuzzi to pool, is included in the price. This is a very special Project for him. A Project bearing the signature of Northernland . Its sale is going very well and we are happy because it is a Project that we want to go very fast.

HangiEv.com Asks: As you celebrate your company's 20th anniversary this year, what are your company's goals and plans for the future?

Mr. Taruz: It has been 20 years… As I said, I have been with the company for 13 years. We had really hard days, we had very happy days. In fact, every day is such a different excitement… The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus is a developing country. It's like a pandemic... The journey of Northernland Construction, which started with them, has now passed thousands. Projects with 1600 residences and 1000 residences at world standards … Here are different concepts, leading Projects, Projects that will attract the attention of the world, our company has started to produce. Today, we were a company that sold to locals and citizens, but now we sell Property to more than 42 countries. We have customers from Canada to South Africa, from South Africa to New Zealand. While we were producing two-storey buildings, we now produced the tallest residences and high-rise buildings on the island. This is how we started to produce concept Projects . This is very proud for us, of course, everything is a matter of team, and yes, of course, it has been our goal to make money while we are doing every job and while we are doing our project. But among these, we have always been behind to contribute to our country, to contribute to the economy of the country, how can we take the North Cyprus Cypriots further, after this. We looked within this framework, as I said, we never compromised on honesty, we never compromised on quality. I think that's the biggest secret to the success of these 20 years. Even bigger Projects are currently under preparation, and we are counting the days for their launches. I hope we will have the opportunity to announce these projects through you. Our goals are big. We always aim to improve ourselves, always renew ourselves, and do better as a company. There are huge Projects coming soon. I hope you will have the chance to announce them. HangiEv.com Asks: Thank you for your time.

Mr. Taruz: On behalf of my company, I would like to thank you for allowing me to give you information about both the Project and the company in saying these words. They can reach us all of our projects, such as our Case Del Mare project, from HangiEv.com .